“Goddess of Holland”

The plane begin to ascend; the female pilot, giving the Goddess a thumbs up from the cockpit as the Goddess hung her massive booty out the plane doors.

At about two hundred feet; the Goddess’ belly churned and rumbled loudly, she may have overdone it. Like unstoppable wildfire, the Goddess booty opens to car tunnel size and unleashes a hellish, drippy, putrid fury all over the green of Holland. The shit storm overshadowed homes and waves of the Goddess’ divine fluid ran through streets, down neighborhoods; commerce centers were literally washed away under the dam break like force of the Goddess’ unloading.

“Ooops,” she declared, giggling to herself. She clutched the door in pain; “Oh God…”

An ocean of thick, almost black sludge pours from the Goddess’ beautiful booty; the level of shit increases to a steady five feet; children drown in sludge, most adults are struggling to stay aloft; some clinging to humongous, tree-sized logs only to pass out onto of them from their noxious, persisting odor.

The Goddess, closes the door behind her. The toilets on the tiny plane look on in great fear, having watched oceansful of waste exit the plane from this one woman’s powerful behind.

She smiles cruelly and takes her seat, “Toilet, I’d like you to write about this; got it?!”

“Yuhh…yes, yes, Goddess.” I reply, frightened; having seen what transpired on a webcam from the Goddess computer.

She bends her fine, magnifient, naked booty to the camera and farts for twenty seconds straight; giggling intermittently I hear moans and screams of protests from the other passengers.

Suddenly, I clasp my own face in disgust. The smell had permeated through the internet and made it to my home. Oh God! No!!

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