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“Pleading to Serve”

There’s a knock at your door.

You open it and there stands an unrecognizable young man who looks at you as if he believes he knows you well.


“Yes, can I help you?”

“I’m sorry, I should have said, Goddess.”

You smile slyly, “Interesting dear, tell me, where do I know you from?”

“Goddess I am your favorite writer.”

“Of course you are toilet, I just wanted you to say it. Now what are you doing here?”

“Oh, I’m sorry Goddess, I didn’t mean to intrude I just…I just couldn’t bear the confusion anymore; I had to know about this fetish.”

“Did I not tell you to seek out a professional domme dear?”

“Yuh..yes, yes you did, but, it seemed silly when I know the best domme in the world who gets an incredible amount of enjoyment in using young toilets like me.”

“Mmmmm, this is true; you are making me a little excited toilet but I fear you won’t be able to take it and what will I do without my favorite writer?”

“I beg of you, don’t worry I can take it.”

“I don’t know sweetie, you’ve mentioned hesitance in the past and once I get started there is no stopping me; I could demolish you in a few seconds and not even make a dent in my booty contents.”

“Goddess, this is a mutual arrangement we can work out here; surely this can only make my writing better and I will remain here, for you to use always and write on demand; describing the smells, the taste, the feel of humiliation filling my soul.”

“Why do you want this dear? Why do you want to give your life to me?”

“Because I have little hope of doing something more important than serving you; at least I can know I’ve brought pleasure to one, especially one as important and…well sexy as you Goddess.”

The Goddess’ stomach rumbles; she stares at me, perhaps through me, in thought.

“Toilet, I am going to fart; you must press your head against my magnificent booty and hold it there until I am satisfied; then I will consider taking you on as my toilet.”

She turns her comfy pj-ed bottoms towards me, they appeared to be near bursting under the enormous size of her butt. You stick your head against her cheeks, your nose just slightly inside her crack, getting a subtle hint of potent, strong gas hanging around from past blowouts. Then, like a windstorm, she hits me with a twenty second explosion of loud, noxious gas.

My head begs for relief but I hold fast to realize my purpose and fulfill it. She farts again, shorter but far more killer in stench as your eyes water. A subtle giggling is heard from the Goddess as she watches your head dart from side to side but you hold your face fast within her cheeks; she is pleased.

“Okay, toilet; how did it smell?”

You recoil in relief and take deep gasps at the air around your head; kids that had stopped on the sidewalk to figure out what had happened now dart away as the Goddess glances at them, evilly.

“Terrible Goddess! Wretched.”

“Good word toilet but that’s insufficient,” she got down low, meeting me face to face and whispers, “Describe it.”

Fear sets in as my body involuntarily shudders, “It’s, uh…thick, deep, far reaching; a strong prominent smell of rancid cheese and beans; perhaps fermented chili dog relieving itself from your magnificently round, firm, unmarred ass.”

The Goddess grabs me by the neck, subtly pulling me into her dark home. “Use booty dear; I like it much better.”

She closes the door behind him.

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“Red Light Goddess”

The tiny, squirrelly man flipped the switch in the motel; the room illuminated with an ugly green light that barely lit the room.

The Goddess watched the man in the mirror, stared wantonly at his big, wide mouth. People in the bar must have wondered what a beauty like the Goddess would be doing wasting her time with a pathetic man like this but she had her reasons.

Her booty grumbled, she clutched her stomach, calming it for now.

“So sweetie,” the Goddess said; the man’s eyes lit up like he’d never been called that before, “Have you ever performed annulingus before?”

He stuttered nervously, “Yeh…yeah, oh, yeah, of course.”

She giggled, “Okay, why don’t you lay down then hun?”

With a hint of excitement, the man did as he was told; a well-behaved toilet always made the Goddess excited as she knew he’d do anything and wouldn’t hesitate until it was too late.

The Goddess ascended the bed and crawled to the man; she removed her microskirt and turned to show her tiny pantied ass to the man. She shook it sexually; watching the man get hard almost instantly. She lifted on leg above the man; he barely but audibly groaned.

Slightly irritated, the Goddess asked, “Too heavy dear?”

“No, no, not at all,” he said, a little strained.

“Good hun, because we haven’t started yet,” she said, lowering herself fully onto the man as she pulled down her panties, revealing a perfectly huge, round booty that now squashed the man’s face as he turned his head.

“Hunny, you’re going to need to get your face IN my ass, okay?”

“Oh, yeah, yeah, I was just making sure you were ready.”

“I’m ready dear.”

He turned his head and in his head went like a puzzle piece fitting right in.

“Now you need to lick hun, nice and deep.”

He wheezed deeply, the Goddess obviously just short of crushing him; his tongue ran across the Goddess’ enlarged anus and recoiled almost immediately.

“Something wrong dear?” The Goddess asked, squeezing his balls in a way that could be erotic or simply just painful.

He licked again, this time sticking with the job until PRRRRRRRAAAABBBMMMPPPPP! Like a deflating balloon, her booty expelled terrible gas directly into the toilet’s face.

He coughed and gagged, shook his head violently but it hardly moved within the Goddess’ toned booty.

“Hunny, I know it’s a little heavy but please; keep going, I haven’t asked you to stop. And really get in there, I feel like there’s some blockage.”

He licked, gagging, before he prodded the Goddess’ anus. His eyes went wide as it ran across a slimy, solid substance.

The Goddess moaned deeply and soon flushed her booty of fifty pounds of blocked logs which poured out of her like soft serve down the toilet’s throat and piling endlessly on his face. His body spastic but pinned under a truck-load of shit; soft screams could be heard from within the pile as the Goddess continued to pound him with layer after layer of crap.

She smiled as she stood, her booty rumbled contently. She nudged the toilet off the bed, he fell to the floor, his face covered in brown but no longer buried.

The Goddess squatted down, still standing on the bed, hovering her parted booty above the toilet’s face.

He pleaded, “No, no! No!” before the Goddess’ booty opened and unleashed a storm of thick, dark diarrhea into a pool on the man’s face; the stream striking him with the force of a fire hydrant. His tired, strained mouth forcefully gargled rivers of liquid shit as the Goddess giggled innocently.

She descended hovered her booty inches above the toilet’s face and sharted for five full seconds, clearing her system.

She patted her tummy and put on her panties and skirt; she walked out of the motel, looking back just once to see her damage. She smiled wide as she walked down, to the street; off the bar again.

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Just the beginning

All things must start somewhere; this is that intro moment for this blog. I hope and intend to share my innermost soul here, but mostly just some sensually gaseous emissions from my brain for your entertainment.

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November 8, 2012 · 11:36 pm