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“Goddess Halloween”

The Goddess nibbles eagerly on another bite-sized chocolate; the bowl
in her lap just about a third consumed. Her booty rumbles with a
tortured frequency like a tea kettle shouting for relief. Her
magnificently larger booty pours out sexually over her tiny, tight,
black mini-skirt.

The doorbell rings and the Goddess springs up, delighted. A wide,
inviting smile forms on her face as she floats excitedly to the door.

Loud, ill-mannered children shout “Trick or treat!”

“Mmmmm, well look at you little sweeties,” she says, turning herself;
the children baffled as the bowl of candy turns with her.

She crouches down, “I’m so glad you’re here kids, I could hardly wait
another second.” The Goddess flips up her skirt, catching the eyes of
a few pre-pubescent toilets, the experience likely to STICK with them
forever; her booty rumbled loudly, produced a noxious, moments long
fart that exploded into a tidal wave of thick diarrhea; a cement mixer
load dropping profusely from each child’s face.

She grunted and groaned loudly until a hot, semi-solid stream easily
bowled over the children at her door and buried them quickly under a
sloppy pool of poo. The kids slipped and slid around, crying and
screaming as the Goddess closed the door saying, “Okay kids, have a
safe night; Happy Halloween.”

The Goddess felt pretty satisfied, giggling to herself but her booth
rumbled again, loudly. She had to ease the pressure a little more. She
massaged her poor tummy.

That’s when she heard a subtle and occasionally light patter on her
walls. She peered out a dark window and saw a lone punk kid, egging
her house. She snuck around the back, taking cover behind a tall
cropping of trees before grabbing the boy on the shoulder.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

“Oh…uh…nothing; just…”

“Just egging my home?”

“Oh shit, this is your house?”

“Yes, why don’t you come inside with me sweetie, I think we can take
care of this situation.”

“What situation,” the toilet asked.

The Goddess gave him her coldest stare and he recoiled in fear as she
dragged him over the threshold, through the front door.

She tosses him to the floor, “Get on your hands and knees.”

He shakes and shudders as he does as she commands, a slight, invisible
smile appearing in the corners of her mouth.

She crouches down, her booty directly shoved in the toilet’s face; he
starts to struggle as he catches whiff of the Goddess putrid backside.

Before he can react, the Goddess cocks forward her hand and, like a
lever, drops it releasing a low, long, punishing fart that burns like
chili and stinks of rancid chocolate.

The Goddess, though furious,’laughs uproariously as the toilet squirms
and seizes like a poisoned bug. She takes little care as she encases
his poor head deep within her crack.

She relaxes just a little as her tunnel sized anus unleashes a mighty
rapid river of thick, dark shit gargling through the toilet’s
screaming mouth. Quickly it seeps out, flowing over and down the
toilet’s face, pooling quickly and massively around his head.

The Goddess rises finally. She looks down at the wasted mess of a
toilet lying lifelessly on the floor. She prods him with her long
black booted foot; he doesn’t move.

“Well, I was going to let you go but I guess you wanna stay; lucky for
you I have a vacancy in my boxes,” she smiled as she dragged the
unconscious toilet down the stairs and locked him in a cell, where he
would remain; forever. One day, down the line, she would open the hole
above his cell and he’ll have the privilege of being unloaded on

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“Goddess House”

The Goddess sat back in her comfortable, dusty easy-chair that sat in her newly decorated old house she rented for this Halloween. Soon, the toilets would file in and once they came in, they wouldn’t get out. She advertised it as the scariest experience on this Earth; that would be no exaggeration. She giggled to herself evilly in her tight, dark mauve dominatrix outfit.

She heard sounds outside, people coming up the walk. She ducked away into a secret doorway and waited.

Knocks at the door, then it creaked open. The toilets talked amongst themselves, hesitating to come in. One took a step forward, over the threshold and fell straight down as the trap door disappeared.

Panicked, the toilets want to run but press on, now on a mission to ‘save’ their friend; some are still convinced it’s a haunted house. The Goddess creeps down the corridor to where her new prey lay.

The toilet clawed at the smooth, white porcelain sides of his new home; unable to grab hold of anything that prevented him from slipping back to the cold flood of the chamber.

“Hello,” the Goddess shouted from above, her voice echoing through the pot; the light shining on her latex attire.

“Oh, good, can you please help me out of here?”

“I’m afraid not sweetie.”

“Whu…why not?”

“You’re mine now hun, for me, but mostly for my poor booty. She’s waited a long time to unload and you’re her first friend tonight.”

“Whu…what do you mean?” He asks, frightened.

“You’ll see sweetie, just try to relax and take it slow and steady,” she giggled as she unzipped her outfit right at the booty to open the dank gates of her ass to the young toilet.

She quickly separated her booty and fired off a huge, four second fart that rained down brown wetness all over the toilet and the bowl around him.

He screamed for help, panicking as a huge, ten foot long dropped over him and pinned him to the ground; his face nearly buried in liquid sludge collecting at the bottom.

“Stop,” he gargles on sludge as a dry, ten second fart pollutes the bowl with a profound, heavy stink.

A tree-trunk sized log dangles precariously over him before dropping like a bolder, crushing his head in semi-soft putrid shit.

His body squirms pathetically, like a bug under the humorously tall log, like a skyscraper on top of a tiny, sad toilet.

Elsewhere, another trap door is sprung; the Goddess excitedly races to it.
The Goddess stomach gurgles and rumbles as she comes upon a similar sight, a toilet futily grasping at nothing, hoping for escape. Fools.

But then, alas, his grasp touches the rim and he hangs on, desperately trying to climb as the Goddess heavy boots fall near his feeble fingers.

“Please help me, I fell; I don’t know how I got here.”

“Don’t worry sweetie, I’ll help,” she crouched down as she spoke and then spun around, turning her back to the stupid toilet.

Her exposed butt reeked of old, ripe shit which partially farted away as she unleashed a windstorm of gas straight into this toilet’s face before he choked and slipped back down to his hole.

The Goddess spread her booty and farted again. And again; each blast more powerful and putrid than the last as the toilet’s air became arid and unbreathable; he sputtered and spit fart air as more and more filled his lungs and hung over his head like a dark green cloud. The air was so thick he did not see the massive spray of diarrhea that rained down around him but none more than that soaked him in slimy, dark sludge. He slipped and slid around; he fell face first into a three foot pool of shit that was quickly rising around him.

When his head finally floated near the top, she injected his face deep within her booty, making a tight seal from anus to mouth before loading him with a spear-like, three foot log that choked and gagged the man as he worked to process it somehow in his throat before it suffocated him.

He slopped along, painfully moaning as the Goddess zipped up and continued down the chambers; her booty feeling just marginally better.
At this chamber, the Goddess noticed something different. This chamber had two toilets and one of them was outside! He lied on the floor, arm extended reaching for his comrade inside the bowl. The Goddess had an evil idea as she crept up on the toilet on the ground. She quietly unzipped and sat down on the back of the toilet’s head. He moaned and screamed, unsure of what was happening as his face is smashed to the floor.

The Goddess groaned and then farted a massive gas around the toilet’s head; he coughed. The Goddess pushed a little more and out flowed freely a river of thick, rancid sludge that quickly buried the face down toilet in a large puddle of Goddess waste. She laughed as it continued to flow out over the panicked, kicking toilet but he was held tight under the Goddess; his friend looked on with horror, the Goddess turned her gaze to him and smiled an evil, sadistic smile. Her sludge slowly leaked into the bowl but the toilet inside was careful to avoid it; but not for long. She stood and shoved the unconscious toilet into the bowl; he flopped like a dead fish to the bottom and did not stir.

The Goddess turned her magnificent booty to the bowl and grunted and groaned painfully as he anus crowned an impossibly wide log; it’s girth at least the size of the chamber and it’s length somewhere impossibly deep within the Goddess’ frame. A wide smile formed on her face as each inch of this beautiful shit passed from her anus, the experience was nearly sexual in it’s release. Five feet in, it broke and fell like a ton of bricks directly onto the toilet. His arms and legs squirmed helplessly under the building sized log. For good measure, a sea of sludge covered the log and dripped torturously into the toilet’s face at random intervals.

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“Elevator Goddess”

The Goddess sat, bored in her home. Her booty rumbled and to her mind
came a devilish idea. She raced down the stairwell to the second
floor; the clock on the wall read 6:30, quitting time for most which
means a lot of unwilling toilets coming home at the same time. She
giggled to herself as she hit the call button for the elevator.

It arrived, four men stood awkwardly in a pattern around the car and
the Goddess stepped in and took her place at the head of the pack. The
doors closed and she moaned a little, sexually; the toilet’s couldn’t
help but get excited as she laid her hands on the closed elevator
doors and jutted her massive booty towards the center of the car.

Then an earth-shattering PRRROOOOOOFFFFFF exploded and echoed
endlessly through the car; the force so powerful, it flipped the
Goddess micro-skirt without assistance. The toilets held their noses
and recoiled to their corner; one tragically tried to climb the
traction-less walls of the elevator car; he scratched like a stupid
dog begging to get out.

The Goddess grabbed him first, she pulled him by his fancy designer
shirt and threw him to the ground before she hopped and landed her big
booty right on his chest; nearly cracking his ribs as the air escaped
him all at once. The Goddess’ booty pulsed aggressively before a fart
gave way to a massive crackling of a ten inch log that coiled out and
into the toilet’s screaming, shaking face. It was quickly buried in
brown as the forceful, solid logs pushed their way into the toilet’s
mouth, gaging him on a literal seven inch spear of log; he gargled and
coughed aggressively from underneath piles of crap.

The Goddess found a place on the ground and lied herself down on her
belly; she grabbed the leg of another toilet and he fell, face first,
into her nude booty. He slipped far in and smelled the dank toxicity
of the Goddess’ anus. She grunted and groaned and released a sizable
geyser of sludge that lifted the toilet’s face under the force of it
as he seizured, gargling dark, thick diarrhea straight from the
Goddess’ supreme booty.

“Please, don’t do this…I’ll do anything,” another toilet pleaded, crying.

The Goddess smiled at this as her white gloved hand reached for and
squeezed the toilet’s throat; his mouth being involuntarily held open.
She sat down over his face and moaned to produce a four pound, rigid
log straight to the toilet’s esophagus. He gagged immediately as a
relaxing, steady stream of slush proceeded to fill every vacant spot
in the toilet’s mouth. Two inches of the log hung grossly from his
mouth as his head hit the elevator floor; his body spazzing.

The Goddess looked the final toilet who shook and cowered in the only
clean corner of the car. She winked at him before, with ease, removing
the panel from above the elevator car and exiting above.

The toilet remained in place for several minutes but when silence
permeated for a long while, he finally stood and looked to the panel
opening. He stared up before a wide, dark object blocked the light for
a mere moment before smashing disgustingly against his face; the
drippy, solid shit pinning his head down to the elevator floor, with
his toilet pals.

The Goddess’ massive booty covered the top hatch with ease as she
settled and relaxed so her booty could go to work. It opened and began
to dump, gallon after gallon of soupy sludge into the car. Quickly, an
inch of shit settled to the bottom of the car; the unconscious
toilet’s mouths were drowned in shit but they didn’t seem to mind. She
pushed harder and increased the stream and the car quickly filled with
the Goddess’ supreme matter.

When she was finished, the toilet’s heads floated lifelessly amongst
the multicolored shit that fill the elevator car. Her giggled echoed
in the elevator shaft as she opened the doors of the next floor and
proceeded back to her apartment; her booty appeased for now.

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