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“Elevator Goddess”

The Goddess sat, bored in her home. Her booty rumbled and to her mind
came a devilish idea. She raced down the stairwell to the second
floor; the clock on the wall read 6:30, quitting time for most which
means a lot of unwilling toilets coming home at the same time. She
giggled to herself as she hit the call button for the elevator.

It arrived, four men stood awkwardly in a pattern around the car and
the Goddess stepped in and took her place at the head of the pack. The
doors closed and she moaned a little, sexually; the toilet’s couldn’t
help but get excited as she laid her hands on the closed elevator
doors and jutted her massive booty towards the center of the car.

Then an earth-shattering PRRROOOOOOFFFFFF exploded and echoed
endlessly through the car; the force so powerful, it flipped the
Goddess micro-skirt without assistance. The toilets held their noses
and recoiled to their corner; one tragically tried to climb the
traction-less walls of the elevator car; he scratched like a stupid
dog begging to get out.

The Goddess grabbed him first, she pulled him by his fancy designer
shirt and threw him to the ground before she hopped and landed her big
booty right on his chest; nearly cracking his ribs as the air escaped
him all at once. The Goddess’ booty pulsed aggressively before a fart
gave way to a massive crackling of a ten inch log that coiled out and
into the toilet’s screaming, shaking face. It was quickly buried in
brown as the forceful, solid logs pushed their way into the toilet’s
mouth, gaging him on a literal seven inch spear of log; he gargled and
coughed aggressively from underneath piles of crap.

The Goddess found a place on the ground and lied herself down on her
belly; she grabbed the leg of another toilet and he fell, face first,
into her nude booty. He slipped far in and smelled the dank toxicity
of the Goddess’ anus. She grunted and groaned and released a sizable
geyser of sludge that lifted the toilet’s face under the force of it
as he seizured, gargling dark, thick diarrhea straight from the
Goddess’ supreme booty.

“Please, don’t do this…I’ll do anything,” another toilet pleaded, crying.

The Goddess smiled at this as her white gloved hand reached for and
squeezed the toilet’s throat; his mouth being involuntarily held open.
She sat down over his face and moaned to produce a four pound, rigid
log straight to the toilet’s esophagus. He gagged immediately as a
relaxing, steady stream of slush proceeded to fill every vacant spot
in the toilet’s mouth. Two inches of the log hung grossly from his
mouth as his head hit the elevator floor; his body spazzing.

The Goddess looked the final toilet who shook and cowered in the only
clean corner of the car. She winked at him before, with ease, removing
the panel from above the elevator car and exiting above.

The toilet remained in place for several minutes but when silence
permeated for a long while, he finally stood and looked to the panel
opening. He stared up before a wide, dark object blocked the light for
a mere moment before smashing disgustingly against his face; the
drippy, solid shit pinning his head down to the elevator floor, with
his toilet pals.

The Goddess’ massive booty covered the top hatch with ease as she
settled and relaxed so her booty could go to work. It opened and began
to dump, gallon after gallon of soupy sludge into the car. Quickly, an
inch of shit settled to the bottom of the car; the unconscious
toilet’s mouths were drowned in shit but they didn’t seem to mind. She
pushed harder and increased the stream and the car quickly filled with
the Goddess’ supreme matter.

When she was finished, the toilet’s heads floated lifelessly amongst
the multicolored shit that fill the elevator car. Her giggled echoed
in the elevator shaft as she opened the doors of the next floor and
proceeded back to her apartment; her booty appeased for now.

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