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The Passive Slave

Some slaves may get down on the idea they are just ‘passive’ when it comes to their service but, in actuality, a slave is more active than any time of significant other.

A slave is an extension of his or her Goddess or Mistress; so, therefore, are expected to perform more readily and more intimately than others. Using a slave is simply a Goddess pleasuring herself with one of the ‘tools’ at her disposal; she has no reason to be hesitant with her slave and will be much more willing to experiment and push a slave’s limits.

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“Suicide Goddess”

The Goddess, switches on the light, closing her front door behind her. She’s a little startled when she sees a scrawny, naked young man on her floor; his penis tiny and his balls bulbous, dying for popping.

The Goddess smiles just a bit, “Who are you? What are you doing here?”

“I knew you would’t recognize me; it is I, Goddess; your most loyal and skilled writer.”

“Ah, well, this is a surprise; now what are you doing here?” The Goddess asks, a little irked.

“Goddess, I’ve done all you’ve asked, when you’ve asked. Please do me one favor?”

“What is it?”

“Kill me…with your booty.”

“What?! Don’t be absurd; I thought we discussed this.”

“I know Goddess but, I have nothing; without you, I am nothing. I’ve done nothing special with my life so, at the very least, going out, providing you pleasure; at least I’ll be somebody, to someone; especially someone as important as you. If I can’t have you, at least let me go out, by you.”

“Toilet…I…this;” the Goddess begins; she grabs my head and shoves it against her mighty booty. It rumbles as it blasts a giant, putrid fart.

I moan, paniked as I feel the air continually pour out her divine anus; it doesn’t stop by the time I feel unconsciousness take me.

I drop to the floor.

The Goddess takes a moment, sits on my body, to think.
I wake sometime later; the room is concrete all around.

“Toilet, I’m disappointed in you; you give up. I thought you were better than these other disposable toilets I toss around but no…” the Goddess emerged from the shadows; stark naked save for her long, black boots.

It was a heel to my groin I felt first; she giggled watching me writhe in pain.

“…You’re just as pathetic as any of them,” the Goddess says, swinger her massive booty over to my face. Inches away from it, it rumbles loudly; shakes violently, like a poorly aligned blender.

Immediately, the Goddess envelopes my head; my mouth makes a precession and deep connection to her anus as she wastes no time in dumping thick, long log after log down my throat until it can take no more and logs spill out over the sides; quickly filling my face with their putrid stink and unmmanagable girth as I choked down the foul waste.

The Goddess giggled evilly as sludge launched out the sides of the logs and blasted like a hydrant against my face with such force.

I felt myself, choking; sputtering on liquid shit and solid dumps down my throat, and even more piled high over my face; suffocating me deep, deep within the Goddess’ supreme waste.

She released me; I, a lightweight, was knocked out again. My body feel lifelessly and shit-filled to the floor.

Unconscious, piled high with logs and sludge; as I breathed I created audible bubbles that popped around my face. The Goddess watched me, in my slumber, react to the popping, stink filled bubbles with a wrinkling of my nose. She laughed. She leaned down, kissed the only dry spot on my forehead and walked to the door.

She switched off the light, “Silly toilet.” She walked out; locking the chamber door behind her. “I guess I have you now,” she giggled.

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“Plane with the Goddess”

I hear a loud rumbling and I’m a little unsure whether it’s the plane or the Goddess’ fine booty.

“Hey toilet!” The Goddess says, smacking me in the arm, “I think this will help your writing.”

“Wha? What do you mean?” I ask, nervously.

Excitedly, the Goddess jumps up; pulls down her sweat stained jeans. Her broad, beautiful, perfect booty explodes outwardly from her tight garb. A run-away fart blows in an unlucky toilet in the blast radius; his hair stands on end and he passes out, falling forward with a painful thump.

The Goddess giggles; turning to look at the pathetic toilet. She stops partway, groans a little and blast a twenty foot spray; shaking herself up and down to really cover her lucky, screaming toilets.

I held my face, hoarding and grabbing at the quickly depleting oxygen in the plane cabin as I watched the Goddess wreck havoc on these poor toilet’s faces.

I was in a daze, coming out of it at a terrible time; watching the Goddess burying a very unlucky toilet’s face deep within her booty.

“Ooof, toilet, I don’t feel so good,” the Goddess exclaims as I watch, horrifyingly his body shudder under the sheer force and size of the Goddess’ gargantuan logs; I watched them puff out his throat as he struggled valiantly to choke them down through smell and suffocation.

The Goddess, meanwhile, her expression euphoric, joyous, as she pumped the young man full of her toxic and massive dumps; for her, it was as routine as cleaning one’s plumbing, the toilet was merely a vessel, a tool; the fact that he has organs, a mind, and consciousness is of little consequence to the duty of his person.

Then, with a new years eve excitement, the Goddess pulled her booty from the toilet’s face; it flowed freely with a powerful, thick sludge that she bent down and fired it all over the cabin like a fountain. From the ceiling, like a drippy cavern, it rained down like goopy brown hail on all the toilets.

The Goddess, with a look of pure and utter satisfaction; stepped down and walked back to her seat near me which were spotlessly clean.

“I…” I start.

The Goddess, interrupts, turning her massive booty to me; before I can even react, she sharts a great load at me. My body, shudders back, robbed of life-giving oxygen that was replaced with air cannon force with hot, putrid, heavily shit-infused air. Splatters dotted my lips and nose; in a blink, my eye stung with some undoubtedly right on the lid. I clutch it, painfully, as the Goddess takes her seat, casually next to me.

I gag and sputter, choking on the thick, clinging fart and shit that lines my face.

The Goddess leans in, as if to be secretive; “Narrate that to me, will you toilet.”

I sit, shit dripping from my face in waves; in a moment of stupid strength, “No, I don’t think so, Rosemary.”

The Goddess smiles, clearly above anger; “Toilet, you will do as I ask; you have two options, begin immediately or start as soon as I sit on your head.” The Goddess leans towards me and farts for a good ten seconds, dusting me strongly in a nauseating eggy smell; my head feels lightheaded, I feel like I’m silently choking; an air, literally deadly air, lining every mucus membrane and pore and suffocating it with a thick, dark stench.

I stuttered at first but the Goddess was forgiving as I relayed a passible tale until we landed.

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“Goddess of Holland”

The plane begin to ascend; the female pilot, giving the Goddess a thumbs up from the cockpit as the Goddess hung her massive booty out the plane doors.

At about two hundred feet; the Goddess’ belly churned and rumbled loudly, she may have overdone it. Like unstoppable wildfire, the Goddess booty opens to car tunnel size and unleashes a hellish, drippy, putrid fury all over the green of Holland. The shit storm overshadowed homes and waves of the Goddess’ divine fluid ran through streets, down neighborhoods; commerce centers were literally washed away under the dam break like force of the Goddess’ unloading.

“Ooops,” she declared, giggling to herself. She clutched the door in pain; “Oh God…”

An ocean of thick, almost black sludge pours from the Goddess’ beautiful booty; the level of shit increases to a steady five feet; children drown in sludge, most adults are struggling to stay aloft; some clinging to humongous, tree-sized logs only to pass out onto of them from their noxious, persisting odor.

The Goddess, closes the door behind her. The toilets on the tiny plane look on in great fear, having watched oceansful of waste exit the plane from this one woman’s powerful behind.

She smiles cruelly and takes her seat, “Toilet, I’d like you to write about this; got it?!”

“Yuhh…yes, yes, Goddess.” I reply, frightened; having seen what transpired on a webcam from the Goddess computer.

She bends her fine, magnifient, naked booty to the camera and farts for twenty seconds straight; giggling intermittently I hear moans and screams of protests from the other passengers.

Suddenly, I clasp my own face in disgust. The smell had permeated through the internet and made it to my home. Oh God! No!!

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“Boss Goddess”

I sat at my desk and contemplated the world’s problems when the buzzer sounded loudly; the intercom.

It was the Goddess, “I need you here, immediately; come see me.”

“Okay,” I replied.

I head to the Goddess’ office and knock.

“Come in,” she says.

I open the door to a rather large, spacious office; the Goddess is sitting with smug smile on her face near the other end of the room. She watched me intently, as if calculating my value in dollars and it was changing by the second.

The Goddess wore long, silke white opera gloves; she removed her Gucci sunglasses to show her deep, piecing green eyes. She work a black business blouse that hung tightly on her shapely frame and a low cut top that showed just enough to be boss you’d get fired just to fuck. Her hair tied up in a tight bun.

Her legs, formerly crossed, now drop to the ground; she walked to the front of her desk, revealing her tan miniskirt and her long black boots with four inch heels.

Her face is stern, with a slight smirk on her plump, red lips. “Sit down,” she commands politely. She motions to the chair in front of her desk. “Timmy, do you know why I called you in here?”

“No Goddess,” I said; I really didn’t.

“Heres the deal. You’re performance sucks; to be frank. I can fire you right here and now, no pay, no benefits, no pension Or you can work for me, personally.”

“Oh, I need this job Goddess,” I was somewhat excited about her offer; it seemed very Penthousy, I went along with it. “What would I be doing for you? Am I qualified?”

She smirks, “Oh, you’re finely qualified, no worries there.” She pats my shoulder reassuringly. “That’s a good choice sweetie; for me anyways.”

The Goddess stands and struts her beautiful booty towards me; she lowers her fine face an inch away from mine and whispers sadistically “You’re going to be my toilet, toilet.” She giggles cutely, then her booty rumbles loudly.

“Go to my bathroom,” she says sternly, pointing her gloved finger at a private bathroom in her office.

“What do you mean?! WHAT does that even mean?! You can’t be serious, you can’t do this!” She nudges m in that direction, rubbing her booty against my face aggressively. I recoil in terror, smacking it.

“I really don’t have time for this toilet,” she says; she bends her knees a little and rips a giant, putrid fart in my face; it robs me of breath as I choke and cough on the noxious gas.

“Now move toilet!” The Goddess demands.

I move to the bathroom; “Now put your face where it belongs.”

I plead, claw, and beg. She responds with a light squeezing of my balls with her long boot heels. “Your face in the toilet now!”

My balls shrivel under the pressure of her booty; my head backs up, obediently to the toilet but I plead all the way for this to end.

“Please, I’ll do anything else; not this. I’ll sell more! I have leads, please, give me another chance. Please! No no!”

Her eyes piercing my soul; she raises her skirt and looks over her shoulder. “There is something you can do toilet”

I look up in hopeful desperation.

She smiles, “Open wide, this load is gonna be huge!”
Her booty rumbles as it descends to my face; sealing the toilet bowl. My head hits the water; her booty splits and her hole begins to winden. Gas escapes profusely and openly; filling the tiny bowl with the foulest stench on Earth.

I gag on the noxious fumes that blast through my face; squeezing past a giant, visible log that slowly chugs along though the Goddess’ anus. Her cries are nearly euphoric as the monster log pushes with just a little effort and, at terrible last, made contact with my face as my head submerged beneath the toilet-fart water.

It fired out like a log at a lumber mill unstoppable as the pressed and pounded against my face with unbreakable force. My mouth quickly filled with gooey sludgey shit. The massive log, now coiling around the bowl soaked all the water making it a soft mass of shitty proportions.

I screamed, it echoed deafeningly in the bowl. Airtight. I was choking.

“Whoops, guess my booty really has to unload.” She says cutely as she pushes and grunts. Her hole widens and a large gush of brown spray explodes in my face.

I panicked as the diarrhea rained down upon me with the force of a fire sprinkler. The contents slowly drip out around my face and join the sludge log that fills the toilet. Shit drips through my sealed lips, hitting my tongue with its terrible sour taste; I swallow it painfully; a moan and sob as it hits my stomach, I feel ill.

There’s a knock on the door, “Goddess, it’s me Bridgett.”

The Goddess sighs in great relief, “Yes hon, what do you need?”

I shake and caw, splashing around in shit-filled water. You’re amused as you bring a stiff, hard boot heel to my balls again; I squeal inaudibly. My balls shrivel like punished dogs; you scrape your heel painfully forward on my ballsac; it’s pain and pleasure of an indescribable proportion. A fart rings out and breaks me from the spell.

“I’m sorry to bother you, but I need to tell you about current projections on one of our subsidies; they are vastly lower than their year-end estimates, I’m wondering what can be done.”

“Unfortunately, at this point…erh…” the Goddess says, as another log beings to drop and inject my face with new, fresh logs; each bubbling with vibrant gassy pockets that repeatedly barraged me as I hung my head, severely weak and beaten, lying on my liquidly shit pillow. “…yeah, so that’s fine.”

“Okay, I’ll draw up the paperwork.”

“That you dear,” The Goddess says, farting loudly, it echoing endlessly in the bowl. I moaned as the gas seeped it’s way into my shit fort.

“Also, I noticed Timmy isn’t at his desk…”

The Goddess laughs, “Yes, I…gave him an alternate assignment; I think it’s going to work out so you may not see him for some time. Perhaps the Christmas party.”

Bridget walks off to her duties.

The Goddess sighs in great, exasperating relief. She lifts her booty from my face and watches my pained, weakened head emerge from the shit piles of her creation.

She bends over, her booty opens widely and releases a long, refreshing shart all over my face. I recoil, over-odored; my head falls back into the toilet.

The Goddess recomposes her panties and skirt, “Now toilet, report back to me immediately after my meeting, got it? I think they are serving burritos.”

The Goddess struts away leaving me to grieve for my death; the death of my self. I lived for the Goddess now.

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“Impossible to Overshadow”

“So Hare-Bear,” the Goddess asks, chuckling. “Why are you so fucking ugly?”

She smiles then spins to her backside, shaking her profound booty at my face before lowering her skirted booty onto my face.


The Goddess farts profoundly, deeply, strongly, a potent, ungodly gas that chokes me; I sputter and fight for oxygen by the Goddess holds my face deep within her booty and refuses to let go.

“Well,” she asks, releasing my head.

Out of breath, I reply, “So as to not overshadow you Goddess.” I crumble into the corner, recoil there.

The Goddess smiles, looking at me, cornered as she approaches; idiot, she thinks. “Oh please, as if you could.” She scoffs.

She looks back and wiggles her booty side to side; my head casually darting with it.


The Goddess is overjoyed, “So hun, can you guess what I ate today,” she blows even more gas in my face, perhaps providing an adequate sample. It was surely generous and heaping if measured.

My eyes tear up and wince at the attricious, eggy smell; I gasp and sputter out, “Omlette?!”

The Goddess tosses her blonde hair, annoyed; she bends over and releases a torrent storm of gassy emissions; at least ten farts, most longer than five seconds. Perhaps it was my punishment for being incorrect.

Panicked and choking, I screamed, “Burrutios!”

“Ooooh, very good,” the Goddess replies, giddy. “How’d you guess that, my little ass filter?” She farts again, loudly, deeply.

“With you glory Goddess.”

She farts again, loudly like a jackhammer with a chainsaw; “What was that sweetie,” she asks cutely.

“You!” I scream out desperately; “Because of you, your greatness Goddess!” I’m crying, pleading the answer. “Please, no more!”

The Goddess’ eyes pierce my soul as her long heels do the same to my tender balls, “Don’t raise your voice to me shitface!” She’s enraged.

She releases my face, quickly raises her skirt. My eyes go wide; her smile follows suit.

“Uh oh, shit face, guess what?” She says, sitting her bare booty on my face; you can hear the sadistic pleasure in her voice.

“No…no, no no, please!”

The Goddess releases a long gassy blast, practically paralyzing my face; her heel digs deeper into my balls. “What did you say to me!?” She groans as her hole expands.

I shake my head, one final ditch effort at freedom; it’s futile as the log quickly hits then strongly presses against my face; pushing it away had it not been held fast by the Great Goddess.

Down my mouth the mighty, large log snakes; it hits my stomach, filling my body with a certain feeling of poison and sickness.

I gurgle and yell for it to end; for it to stop but it’s useless.

The first log gone, another juts out; then retreats, then juts more; retreats again; it’s a horrifying game until, like a missile it launches and plasters itself deep within my upturned nose; the pain is felt deep within my brain; shit likely having making it’s way deep in there.

Like a chain, smelly log after drippy log came pouring seemingly easily out of the Goddess’ beautiful booty and I choked them down without choice; my face quickly filled with the Goddess’ most perfect and profound dumps. For all of which, I should be most thankful.

Finally, the Goddess stands, releasing my head; I am weak, near to tipping to the floor. The Goddess bends over a full 45 degrees and sharts for a full thirty seconds, cleaning herself in the process; my body sliding and banging against the wall from the force. The Goddess giggled at the sight; continuing to unload.

She turns, and looks at my pathetic, shit composed body. I pathetically wipe my face with a nearby tissue.

The Goddess, brings her face close to mine; she inhales just slightly. She’s gorgeous, even after all this.

She reels back, in a split second she sneezes a lake full of snot and phlegm all over my face. My face drips with her green, gooey slime; combined with her dark, brown shits; I was her toilet.

I watched her jiggle her booty in my face once more; a drying but relatively odorless gas puffed my face. She strutted away.

I looked down at my pants; boner large as ever. “Fuck!” I pound the ground and then smile at her; she doesn’t look back and the door locks.


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“Mother Goddess”

I’d been in my room, playing on the floor when the Goddess stormed in.

“Mom!” I scurried back in astonishment; her storming meant I was in trouble.

“It’s Mother you little brat!” She said angrily. Then a smile quickly filled her beautiful face, “But why don’t you get used to calling me Goddess sweetie.”

“No… please.”

“Sylvia said you have this coming; why would she say that?”

“Because she hates me mo…Mother.”

“Oh, I don’t think so,” the Goddess says, sensually walking to her son; the fear in his eyes so evident. It excited her. “She’s your sister, she…loves you.”

The delay was a bit of a push; as her magnificent booty crossed my face, a flapping, squeaking, forceful gust blew back my hair and I immediately choked on the beany gas that assaulted my nose and clung like it clawed it’s way into my skin.

“I’m positive she only wants the best for you,” the Goddess says, grabbing my arm and dragging me, coughing and gagging to the bathroom.

The Goddess’ stomach rumbled so loudly, it was inhuman.

She looked sadistic as she positioned my head in the toilet; she clutched her stomach.

I was spared not even another glance as she rushed to place her big, naked booty on my face, it slipped deep within her profound crack.

Immediately, I was assaulted by a deep, penetrating, flappy, wet fart directly in my face. I trashed and fought as Mother giggled; then pushed.

Suddenly, I stopped, my body froze as a gargantuan, ten foot wide shit came plowing out of my Mother’s backside. Like a spear it force it’s way into my mouth, nearly dislocating my jaw; it filled my stomach and quickly overflowed my face with it’s juicy, drippy solid waste.

The Goddess floated on a pile of dumps as I kicked and trashed, buried deep within a smelly prison of old tacos, cheap burritos and undercooked beaned.

A strong, penetrating fart ripped through the sludge and filled my senses with a fresh, hot hell.

The Goddess, uncharacteristically laughed out loud, as she watched my feet stiffen then kick frantically under a hundred pound pile of shit.

With a very satisfied sigh, the Goddess stands and struts, unseen by her buried son, and switches off the light.

He, unfortunately, clearly hears her say, “Clean up fast shit face because my booty is still backed up. Shouldn’t take more than, three minutes, right? I’ll go make some bean quesadillas.”

I gag, gargle, and swallow shit of every variety; each lap is worse than the last; somehow each log more potent than the last; each spray darker, smellier, and more putrid.

My mouth is tired, exhausted; with a giant log in my mouth, I pass out.

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Writing for a Goddess

Most of you should or may know that, from time to time, especially during my heavy scat ‘phase,’ I wrote a lot about a Goddess named Rosemary.

This is a real Goddess I speak to regularly and like any good toy, I attempt to please her by regaling her of tales of her travels.

It’s interesting writing for a Goddess; demands are not to be taken lightly and when you’re new, sometimes the timetable for assignments are fierce  But, you get it done; you finish your work and present it with a pathetic smile to the glory and power that is the Supreme Goddess. I am a lucky slave indeed to be in her roster.

It is no simple task. Taking on the needs of a Goddess will forever change your thoughts; alter your thinking of what’s importance. You find the yourself you once knew quickly, rapidly fading away; absorbed into the greatness of the Goddess. So in some small, insignificant, and whiny way you can say you exist as part of that greatness but you must understand that you merely exist as a simple bolt. You hold up the Goddess, you uplift her on your puny shoulders and hold her for all the world to applaud and adore; but your important role is insignificant and highly replaceable. Any brainless peon can do what you do.

You simply have the luck of the draw to pretend to be important, simply by being near an awesome greatness that is the Goddess Rosemary.

Read a few of my favorite Goddess stories:






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“Holiday Get-together”

In her bathroom, the Goddess takes great pleasure, stretching out the moment she drops a few laxatives down her throat. She takes delight in feeling the small squad of pills drift down her throat; she’d swear she could feel them hit her stomach.

Looking at her fabulous body once more in the mirror, she smiles wide and switches off the light exiting the bathroom.

She calls to her brothers as she walks down the stairs; each sits nervously, obediently even without any demand for such, on the couch. They sit in front of a TV that isn’t on.

Timmy shakes, most anxious of all; the Goddess smiles, “So, you guys have been waiting; maybe we should get started.”

Darren asks, “What are we doing?” A tone of hesitance, fear is in his voice; this excites the Goddess, makes her wet.

“Well, Darren, I think…” the Goddess said, sauntering over to her brother’s faces, rocking her prominent booty proudly before ‘accidentally’ falling on Timmy’s face and blowing a giant, rippling, twenty second fart in his face. His body shakes and he coughs and screams before fading into unconsciousness. “…you know exactly, what we’re doing. In fact, my dear brother, I believe we probably do this every year around this time; wouldn’t you say Timmy?”

Timmy’s leg spasms involuntarily under his sister’s massive, weighty booty.

“That’s right, see Timmy knows because Timmy’s a good boy. And he’ll get his treat later, but for you…” the Goddess quickly, with ninja speed, stands and kicks Adam across the face, his head falling directly into Timmy’s lap. He was out, for now.

“Now Darren, looks like it’s just you and me.”

“Please…can’t we just be like a normal family, for once?”

The Goddess is taken aback, “What about this isn’t normal sweetie?”

“What part of it is?!”

“Don’t scream at me.”

It’s quiet for a moment and then the Goddess grabs Darren by the neck and carries him to the bathroom where a large, clear container waits for Darren’s head as she wrestles him down and into the locked box.

“I’m sorry, whatever I’ve done…I’ll give you money, I’ll be your servant just please don’t…”

The Goddess booty responded with deaf ears as her ass rumbles like a thunderstorm and shot out a flood force of diarrhea all over Darren’s wagging face; his mouth gurgling liquid and half digested waste kernels. He vomits, it quickly mixes and is over powered by a seemingly endless flow of shit; Darren’s head is already four feet under when the box explodes and shit runs literally everywhere. Darren’s now uncovered face is at peace, dead or unconscious.

The Goddess giggles hysterically as she tiptoes out of the bathroom in her sexy, long black boots; “I’ll leave you to clean that up toilet.”
Back in the living room, she finds Adam still slumped over in Timmy’s crotch. She smiles as she lifts Adam’s body out to his car.

Adam’s eyes, hours later, flutter open softly. He reaches up and feels the giant bruise on his forehead, recoils at the pain. He looks at it in the rear view mirror when he notices the moonroof of his car is open.

He looks up and his eyes go wide at the sight of his sister’s enormous anus, in mid-widening to dump out an awful sized log.

“Hey little bro!” The Goddess excitedly exclaims. Immediately followed by her ten inch log dropping directly onto Adam’s face, the giant shit consuming him in a poo cocoon of which he found it difficult to break free from as his senses were filled with his sister’s waste. The Goddess wasted no time, looking up to the heavens for relief, as she ejected ten gallons of sludge into the car around her brother.

“Oh, I feel bad about this; if you send me the bill I’ll pay to have this….ugh…..cleaned,” she said, releasing a hailstorm of shitty, drippy logs that splashed against the windows as the car quickly filled with the Goddess’ dumps.

Timmy wakes in relative darkness. His sister’s living room is outside a large, opening to the right of him but he finds himself tied.

From above, a large echoing fart is fired down the chamber above; once the smell hits, it’s immediately recognizable. As is the giggle that follows Timmy’s struggle to undo his binds.

It’s too late, like a bucket, shit pours down the chimney with haste, raining down on her brother like a storm.

Timmy screams a girly scream; a haphazard log falls and lodges in his throat. He tries to move it, cough it up but it’s stuck as he begins to suffocate. The shit slowly, dangerously melts down, filling Timmy’s stomach as gallons of hot, steamy sludge pours down from above. Timmy is quickly buried; drowned in a chimney full of shit.

The Goddess stands, farts loudly and proudly, and says, “I do love the holidays.”

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“Cabby Goddess”

“Taxi!” The young business toilet called out, in full suit.

The Goddess, with sly smile, pulled to the curb to let the gentleman in her cab.

“34 East and Lincoln,” the man ordered.

“You got it sweetie,” the Goddess replied.

“Chick cabby, rare. Still, cab smells like shit though,” he says, mostly to himself.

The Goddess chuckled to herself as her massive SBD continued to pour into the backseat, via her special tube, with the force of the A/C on high.

But the stupid toilet gets wise, choking as his mouth happens to run over the open vent, “Hey! Can you turn off that air,” he says gagging, “Smells like shi…”

Before he can finish, a loud fart echos through the tube followed by a two gallon flood of slimy, sludgy diarrhea that sprayed violently in the toilet’s face.

He screamed in horror, reaching for the door handles only to find them missing.

A massive log begun to peek it’s way out the tube, the Goddess pushes and a bassy fart launches the clogged log with hurricane force against the toilet’s face and it’s rock hard girth shatters and blasts against his face.

“What is this!?” He yells out; a slow trickle of remnant sludge eking out the tube onto his feet, which are pooled underneath an inch of pure, dark shit.

The Goddess leaned to the right quite obviously and blew a thirty second fart down the tube that sent the man reeling, mad from the stench as he clawed at the darkened windows.

He sobbed openly but it was quickly covered with an explosive cement consistency sludge that poured eagerly out the whole and into his face, mostly against his chin as he tried to free himself from the stream.

The Goddess groaned and pushed again and soon the toilet was up to his chest in her waste. She turns and looks at the poor toilet.

She strains and farts, creating an almost Jacuzzi like bubbling experience for the toilet sitting in several gallons of shit; they pop and shoot their sludge against the toilet’s face.

The Goddess pushes again, hard this time, to produce a spear like log that jabs the toilet in the stomach like a torpedo; he doubles over, mouth open as he plunges into sludge.

The Goddess unloads again, this time on top of the toilet’s submerged head.

Soon, he panics; he finds himself trapped, drowning in a pool of waste! He fails to lift his head, he cannot come up for oxygen. He sucks in, inadvertently a big gulp of shit water and passes out.

The Goddess, taking her time, opens the toilet’s door and allows the shit and the toilet to pour from her car. She giggled heartily as she peeled out and away from the shit man.

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