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“Plane with the Goddess”

I hear a loud rumbling and I’m a little unsure whether it’s the plane or the Goddess’ fine booty.

“Hey toilet!” The Goddess says, smacking me in the arm, “I think this will help your writing.”

“Wha? What do you mean?” I ask, nervously.

Excitedly, the Goddess jumps up; pulls down her sweat stained jeans. Her broad, beautiful, perfect booty explodes outwardly from her tight garb. A run-away fart blows in an unlucky toilet in the blast radius; his hair stands on end and he passes out, falling forward with a painful thump.

The Goddess giggles; turning to look at the pathetic toilet. She stops partway, groans a little and blast a twenty foot spray; shaking herself up and down to really cover her lucky, screaming toilets.

I held my face, hoarding and grabbing at the quickly depleting oxygen in the plane cabin as I watched the Goddess wreck havoc on these poor toilet’s faces.

I was in a daze, coming out of it at a terrible time; watching the Goddess burying a very unlucky toilet’s face deep within her booty.

“Ooof, toilet, I don’t feel so good,” the Goddess exclaims as I watch, horrifyingly his body shudder under the sheer force and size of the Goddess’ gargantuan logs; I watched them puff out his throat as he struggled valiantly to choke them down through smell and suffocation.

The Goddess, meanwhile, her expression euphoric, joyous, as she pumped the young man full of her toxic and massive dumps; for her, it was as routine as cleaning one’s plumbing, the toilet was merely a vessel, a tool; the fact that he has organs, a mind, and consciousness is of little consequence to the duty of his person.

Then, with a new years eve excitement, the Goddess pulled her booty from the toilet’s face; it flowed freely with a powerful, thick sludge that she bent down and fired it all over the cabin like a fountain. From the ceiling, like a drippy cavern, it rained down like goopy brown hail on all the toilets.

The Goddess, with a look of pure and utter satisfaction; stepped down and walked back to her seat near me which were spotlessly clean.

“I…” I start.

The Goddess, interrupts, turning her massive booty to me; before I can even react, she sharts a great load at me. My body, shudders back, robbed of life-giving oxygen that was replaced with air cannon force with hot, putrid, heavily shit-infused air. Splatters dotted my lips and nose; in a blink, my eye stung with some undoubtedly right on the lid. I clutch it, painfully, as the Goddess takes her seat, casually next to me.

I gag and sputter, choking on the thick, clinging fart and shit that lines my face.

The Goddess leans in, as if to be secretive; “Narrate that to me, will you toilet.”

I sit, shit dripping from my face in waves; in a moment of stupid strength, “No, I don’t think so, Rosemary.”

The Goddess smiles, clearly above anger; “Toilet, you will do as I ask; you have two options, begin immediately or start as soon as I sit on your head.” The Goddess leans towards me and farts for a good ten seconds, dusting me strongly in a nauseating eggy smell; my head feels lightheaded, I feel like I’m silently choking; an air, literally deadly air, lining every mucus membrane and pore and suffocating it with a thick, dark stench.

I stuttered at first but the Goddess was forgiving as I relayed a passible tale until we landed.

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