“Cabby Goddess”

“Taxi!” The young business toilet called out, in full suit.

The Goddess, with sly smile, pulled to the curb to let the gentleman in her cab.

“34 East and Lincoln,” the man ordered.

“You got it sweetie,” the Goddess replied.

“Chick cabby, rare. Still, cab smells like shit though,” he says, mostly to himself.

The Goddess chuckled to herself as her massive SBD continued to pour into the backseat, via her special tube, with the force of the A/C on high.

But the stupid toilet gets wise, choking as his mouth happens to run over the open vent, “Hey! Can you turn off that air,” he says gagging, “Smells like shi…”

Before he can finish, a loud fart echos through the tube followed by a two gallon flood of slimy, sludgy diarrhea that sprayed violently in the toilet’s face.

He screamed in horror, reaching for the door handles only to find them missing.

A massive log begun to peek it’s way out the tube, the Goddess pushes and a bassy fart launches the clogged log with hurricane force against the toilet’s face and it’s rock hard girth shatters and blasts against his face.

“What is this!?” He yells out; a slow trickle of remnant sludge eking out the tube onto his feet, which are pooled underneath an inch of pure, dark shit.

The Goddess leaned to the right quite obviously and blew a thirty second fart down the tube that sent the man reeling, mad from the stench as he clawed at the darkened windows.

He sobbed openly but it was quickly covered with an explosive cement consistency sludge that poured eagerly out the whole and into his face, mostly against his chin as he tried to free himself from the stream.

The Goddess groaned and pushed again and soon the toilet was up to his chest in her waste. She turns and looks at the poor toilet.

She strains and farts, creating an almost Jacuzzi like bubbling experience for the toilet sitting in several gallons of shit; they pop and shoot their sludge against the toilet’s face.

The Goddess pushes again, hard this time, to produce a spear like log that jabs the toilet in the stomach like a torpedo; he doubles over, mouth open as he plunges into sludge.

The Goddess unloads again, this time on top of the toilet’s submerged head.

Soon, he panics; he finds himself trapped, drowning in a pool of waste! He fails to lift his head, he cannot come up for oxygen. He sucks in, inadvertently a big gulp of shit water and passes out.

The Goddess, taking her time, opens the toilet’s door and allows the shit and the toilet to pour from her car. She giggled heartily as she peeled out and away from the shit man.

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