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“Mother Goddess”

I’d been in my room, playing on the floor when the Goddess stormed in.

“Mom!” I scurried back in astonishment; her storming meant I was in trouble.

“It’s Mother you little brat!” She said angrily. Then a smile quickly filled her beautiful face, “But why don’t you get used to calling me Goddess sweetie.”

“No… please.”

“Sylvia said you have this coming; why would she say that?”

“Because she hates me mo…Mother.”

“Oh, I don’t think so,” the Goddess says, sensually walking to her son; the fear in his eyes so evident. It excited her. “She’s your sister, she…loves you.”

The delay was a bit of a push; as her magnificent booty crossed my face, a flapping, squeaking, forceful gust blew back my hair and I immediately choked on the beany gas that assaulted my nose and clung like it clawed it’s way into my skin.

“I’m positive she only wants the best for you,” the Goddess says, grabbing my arm and dragging me, coughing and gagging to the bathroom.

The Goddess’ stomach rumbled so loudly, it was inhuman.

She looked sadistic as she positioned my head in the toilet; she clutched her stomach.

I was spared not even another glance as she rushed to place her big, naked booty on my face, it slipped deep within her profound crack.

Immediately, I was assaulted by a deep, penetrating, flappy, wet fart directly in my face. I trashed and fought as Mother giggled; then pushed.

Suddenly, I stopped, my body froze as a gargantuan, ten foot wide shit came plowing out of my Mother’s backside. Like a spear it force it’s way into my mouth, nearly dislocating my jaw; it filled my stomach and quickly overflowed my face with it’s juicy, drippy solid waste.

The Goddess floated on a pile of dumps as I kicked and trashed, buried deep within a smelly prison of old tacos, cheap burritos and undercooked beaned.

A strong, penetrating fart ripped through the sludge and filled my senses with a fresh, hot hell.

The Goddess, uncharacteristically laughed out loud, as she watched my feet stiffen then kick frantically under a hundred pound pile of shit.

With a very satisfied sigh, the Goddess stands and struts, unseen by her buried son, and switches off the light.

He, unfortunately, clearly hears her say, “Clean up fast shit face because my booty is still backed up. Shouldn’t take more than, three minutes, right? I’ll go make some bean quesadillas.”

I gag, gargle, and swallow shit of every variety; each lap is worse than the last; somehow each log more potent than the last; each spray darker, smellier, and more putrid.

My mouth is tired, exhausted; with a giant log in my mouth, I pass out.

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“Holiday Get-together”

In her bathroom, the Goddess takes great pleasure, stretching out the moment she drops a few laxatives down her throat. She takes delight in feeling the small squad of pills drift down her throat; she’d swear she could feel them hit her stomach.

Looking at her fabulous body once more in the mirror, she smiles wide and switches off the light exiting the bathroom.

She calls to her brothers as she walks down the stairs; each sits nervously, obediently even without any demand for such, on the couch. They sit in front of a TV that isn’t on.

Timmy shakes, most anxious of all; the Goddess smiles, “So, you guys have been waiting; maybe we should get started.”

Darren asks, “What are we doing?” A tone of hesitance, fear is in his voice; this excites the Goddess, makes her wet.

“Well, Darren, I think…” the Goddess said, sauntering over to her brother’s faces, rocking her prominent booty proudly before ‘accidentally’ falling on Timmy’s face and blowing a giant, rippling, twenty second fart in his face. His body shakes and he coughs and screams before fading into unconsciousness. “…you know exactly, what we’re doing. In fact, my dear brother, I believe we probably do this every year around this time; wouldn’t you say Timmy?”

Timmy’s leg spasms involuntarily under his sister’s massive, weighty booty.

“That’s right, see Timmy knows because Timmy’s a good boy. And he’ll get his treat later, but for you…” the Goddess quickly, with ninja speed, stands and kicks Adam across the face, his head falling directly into Timmy’s lap. He was out, for now.

“Now Darren, looks like it’s just you and me.”

“Please…can’t we just be like a normal family, for once?”

The Goddess is taken aback, “What about this isn’t normal sweetie?”

“What part of it is?!”

“Don’t scream at me.”

It’s quiet for a moment and then the Goddess grabs Darren by the neck and carries him to the bathroom where a large, clear container waits for Darren’s head as she wrestles him down and into the locked box.

“I’m sorry, whatever I’ve done…I’ll give you money, I’ll be your servant just please don’t…”

The Goddess booty responded with deaf ears as her ass rumbles like a thunderstorm and shot out a flood force of diarrhea all over Darren’s wagging face; his mouth gurgling liquid and half digested waste kernels. He vomits, it quickly mixes and is over powered by a seemingly endless flow of shit; Darren’s head is already four feet under when the box explodes and shit runs literally everywhere. Darren’s now uncovered face is at peace, dead or unconscious.

The Goddess giggles hysterically as she tiptoes out of the bathroom in her sexy, long black boots; “I’ll leave you to clean that up toilet.”
Back in the living room, she finds Adam still slumped over in Timmy’s crotch. She smiles as she lifts Adam’s body out to his car.

Adam’s eyes, hours later, flutter open softly. He reaches up and feels the giant bruise on his forehead, recoils at the pain. He looks at it in the rear view mirror when he notices the moonroof of his car is open.

He looks up and his eyes go wide at the sight of his sister’s enormous anus, in mid-widening to dump out an awful sized log.

“Hey little bro!” The Goddess excitedly exclaims. Immediately followed by her ten inch log dropping directly onto Adam’s face, the giant shit consuming him in a poo cocoon of which he found it difficult to break free from as his senses were filled with his sister’s waste. The Goddess wasted no time, looking up to the heavens for relief, as she ejected ten gallons of sludge into the car around her brother.

“Oh, I feel bad about this; if you send me the bill I’ll pay to have this….ugh…..cleaned,” she said, releasing a hailstorm of shitty, drippy logs that splashed against the windows as the car quickly filled with the Goddess’ dumps.

Timmy wakes in relative darkness. His sister’s living room is outside a large, opening to the right of him but he finds himself tied.

From above, a large echoing fart is fired down the chamber above; once the smell hits, it’s immediately recognizable. As is the giggle that follows Timmy’s struggle to undo his binds.

It’s too late, like a bucket, shit pours down the chimney with haste, raining down on her brother like a storm.

Timmy screams a girly scream; a haphazard log falls and lodges in his throat. He tries to move it, cough it up but it’s stuck as he begins to suffocate. The shit slowly, dangerously melts down, filling Timmy’s stomach as gallons of hot, steamy sludge pours down from above. Timmy is quickly buried; drowned in a chimney full of shit.

The Goddess stands, farts loudly and proudly, and says, “I do love the holidays.”

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