Writing for a Goddess

Most of you should or may know that, from time to time, especially during my heavy scat ‘phase,’ I wrote a lot about a Goddess named Rosemary.

This is a real Goddess I speak to regularly and like any good toy, I attempt to please her by regaling her of tales of her travels.

It’s interesting writing for a Goddess; demands are not to be taken lightly and when you’re new, sometimes the timetable for assignments are fierce  But, you get it done; you finish your work and present it with a pathetic smile to the glory and power that is the Supreme Goddess. I am a lucky slave indeed to be in her roster.

It is no simple task. Taking on the needs of a Goddess will forever change your thoughts; alter your thinking of what’s importance. You find the yourself you once knew quickly, rapidly fading away; absorbed into the greatness of the Goddess. So in some small, insignificant, and whiny way you can say you exist as part of that greatness but you must understand that you merely exist as a simple bolt. You hold up the Goddess, you uplift her on your puny shoulders and hold her for all the world to applaud and adore; but your important role is insignificant and highly replaceable. Any brainless peon can do what you do.

You simply have the luck of the draw to pretend to be important, simply by being near an awesome greatness that is the Goddess Rosemary.

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