“I am the toilet”

I see little from my little hovel. I know little of the outside world. I’ve known this hole for as long as I’ve lived but I know not how much longer I’ll live.

Here it is, it’s happening again. A bright light, creamy skin, round, perfect orbs then darkness.

A ripper from above, the putrid smell drifts down and chokes me. Laughs from above as gas blasts once again.

I call for help but it’s just inhuman mumbles; I know not how to speak.

The first splash of creamy dumps startles me as it coats and seeps into my skin; the warm diarrhea baking on me like batter.

Then, a loud squelch fires out a flood of shit, contented sighs of relief as my mouth gargles chunky shit, spitting out what I can like a doomed vessel bailing endlessly as the ocean pours in.

I only catch a glimpse  buried under thick, sticky shit; the woman above, wide, relived smile on her face winks right at me and darkness reigns again, and shit.

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