“Impossible to Overshadow”

“So Hare-Bear,” the Goddess asks, chuckling. “Why are you so fucking ugly?”

She smiles then spins to her backside, shaking her profound booty at my face before lowering her skirted booty onto my face.


The Goddess farts profoundly, deeply, strongly, a potent, ungodly gas that chokes me; I sputter and fight for oxygen by the Goddess holds my face deep within her booty and refuses to let go.

“Well,” she asks, releasing my head.

Out of breath, I reply, “So as to not overshadow you Goddess.” I crumble into the corner, recoil there.

The Goddess smiles, looking at me, cornered as she approaches; idiot, she thinks. “Oh please, as if you could.” She scoffs.

She looks back and wiggles her booty side to side; my head casually darting with it.


The Goddess is overjoyed, “So hun, can you guess what I ate today,” she blows even more gas in my face, perhaps providing an adequate sample. It was surely generous and heaping if measured.

My eyes tear up and wince at the attricious, eggy smell; I gasp and sputter out, “Omlette?!”

The Goddess tosses her blonde hair, annoyed; she bends over and releases a torrent storm of gassy emissions; at least ten farts, most longer than five seconds. Perhaps it was my punishment for being incorrect.

Panicked and choking, I screamed, “Burrutios!”

“Ooooh, very good,” the Goddess replies, giddy. “How’d you guess that, my little ass filter?” She farts again, loudly, deeply.

“With you glory Goddess.”

She farts again, loudly like a jackhammer with a chainsaw; “What was that sweetie,” she asks cutely.

“You!” I scream out desperately; “Because of you, your greatness Goddess!” I’m crying, pleading the answer. “Please, no more!”

The Goddess’ eyes pierce my soul as her long heels do the same to my tender balls, “Don’t raise your voice to me shitface!” She’s enraged.

She releases my face, quickly raises her skirt. My eyes go wide; her smile follows suit.

“Uh oh, shit face, guess what?” She says, sitting her bare booty on my face; you can hear the sadistic pleasure in her voice.

“No…no, no no, please!”

The Goddess releases a long gassy blast, practically paralyzing my face; her heel digs deeper into my balls. “What did you say to me!?” She groans as her hole expands.

I shake my head, one final ditch effort at freedom; it’s futile as the log quickly hits then strongly presses against my face; pushing it away had it not been held fast by the Great Goddess.

Down my mouth the mighty, large log snakes; it hits my stomach, filling my body with a certain feeling of poison and sickness.

I gurgle and yell for it to end; for it to stop but it’s useless.

The first log gone, another juts out; then retreats, then juts more; retreats again; it’s a horrifying game until, like a missile it launches and plasters itself deep within my upturned nose; the pain is felt deep within my brain; shit likely having making it’s way deep in there.

Like a chain, smelly log after drippy log came pouring seemingly easily out of the Goddess’ beautiful booty and I choked them down without choice; my face quickly filled with the Goddess’ most perfect and profound dumps. For all of which, I should be most thankful.

Finally, the Goddess stands, releasing my head; I am weak, near to tipping to the floor. The Goddess bends over a full 45 degrees and sharts for a full thirty seconds, cleaning herself in the process; my body sliding and banging against the wall from the force. The Goddess giggled at the sight; continuing to unload.

She turns, and looks at my pathetic, shit composed body. I pathetically wipe my face with a nearby tissue.

The Goddess, brings her face close to mine; she inhales just slightly. She’s gorgeous, even after all this.

She reels back, in a split second she sneezes a lake full of snot and phlegm all over my face. My face drips with her green, gooey slime; combined with her dark, brown shits; I was her toilet.

I watched her jiggle her booty in my face once more; a drying but relatively odorless gas puffed my face. She strutted away.

I looked down at my pants; boner large as ever. “Fuck!” I pound the ground and then smile at her; she doesn’t look back and the door locks.


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