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“Suicide Goddess”

The Goddess, switches on the light, closing her front door behind her. She’s a little startled when she sees a scrawny, naked young man on her floor; his penis tiny and his balls bulbous, dying for popping.

The Goddess smiles just a bit, “Who are you? What are you doing here?”

“I knew you would’t recognize me; it is I, Goddess; your most loyal and skilled writer.”

“Ah, well, this is a surprise; now what are you doing here?” The Goddess asks, a little irked.

“Goddess, I’ve done all you’ve asked, when you’ve asked. Please do me one favor?”

“What is it?”

“Kill me…with your booty.”

“What?! Don’t be absurd; I thought we discussed this.”

“I know Goddess but, I have nothing; without you, I am nothing. I’ve done nothing special with my life so, at the very least, going out, providing you pleasure; at least I’ll be somebody, to someone; especially someone as important as you. If I can’t have you, at least let me go out, by you.”

“Toilet…I…this;” the Goddess begins; she grabs my head and shoves it against her mighty booty. It rumbles as it blasts a giant, putrid fart.

I moan, paniked as I feel the air continually pour out her divine anus; it doesn’t stop by the time I feel unconsciousness take me.

I drop to the floor.

The Goddess takes a moment, sits on my body, to think.
I wake sometime later; the room is concrete all around.

“Toilet, I’m disappointed in you; you give up. I thought you were better than these other disposable toilets I toss around but no…” the Goddess emerged from the shadows; stark naked save for her long, black boots.

It was a heel to my groin I felt first; she giggled watching me writhe in pain.

“…You’re just as pathetic as any of them,” the Goddess says, swinger her massive booty over to my face. Inches away from it, it rumbles loudly; shakes violently, like a poorly aligned blender.

Immediately, the Goddess envelopes my head; my mouth makes a precession and deep connection to her anus as she wastes no time in dumping thick, long log after log down my throat until it can take no more and logs spill out over the sides; quickly filling my face with their putrid stink and unmmanagable girth as I choked down the foul waste.

The Goddess giggled evilly as sludge launched out the sides of the logs and blasted like a hydrant against my face with such force.

I felt myself, choking; sputtering on liquid shit and solid dumps down my throat, and even more piled high over my face; suffocating me deep, deep within the Goddess’ supreme waste.

She released me; I, a lightweight, was knocked out again. My body feel lifelessly and shit-filled to the floor.

Unconscious, piled high with logs and sludge; as I breathed I created audible bubbles that popped around my face. The Goddess watched me, in my slumber, react to the popping, stink filled bubbles with a wrinkling of my nose. She laughed. She leaned down, kissed the only dry spot on my forehead and walked to the door.

She switched off the light, “Silly toilet.” She walked out; locking the chamber door behind her. “I guess I have you now,” she giggled.

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