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How much must you take on, how much must you do to survive?

I am thankful for the fact that, to my knowledge, we only live once; I could not imagine more lives of shlepping and suffering. Sure, there are those who have it far worse off but everyone’s expectations are beyond reach.

People should not be killed but for some, life is out of reach. People should not go hungry but for some, food is out of reach. People should not be unemployed but for some, jobs are out of reach. These are three fundamentals of our lives though, admittedly, we could get on without jobs but that’s a whole non-monetary system kettle of fish that’s hardly worth thinking about.

How many unpaid jobs can you take before someone starts handing over some dough? Until someone sees your merit to actually be an employee and not an independent contractor; as if we are to work freelance all our lives. Freelance secretaries, freelance doctors; it’s absurd but an Idiocracy truth we live.

The business man has no money, the employee can’t get paid; something is woefully wrong here. Where’s the breakdown? It can’t be spending because these stores stay afloat; why is it that now they suddenly aren’t making enough to survive when before they did fine?

What’s happened to our collective prosperity and why do so many of us struggle and scrape just to work, just to try to get a job, let alone do the job. We starve to death in waiting rooms just hoping someone will throw us a bone with a little meat on it, maybe some gas money. Oh how sweet it tastes to live in squalor.

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