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What can a new year bring? As much as you put in.

It’s always funny to hear people making new year’s resolutions  like more talking, more pondering of your problems will solve it. If you want change, do it. Talking is great; you can explore some wonderfully big ideas and discover things you never knew. But if you find yourself lethargic and wanting to make a change; what better than to just get up off your ass an act. Why continue to delay and procrastinate; don’t mention it, talk about it, or write it on a list; do it. Right now.

If you’re planning, great; but don’t confuse planning for doing. Planning is a sedentary step; it doesn’t get you any closer until you act and even then, you’ll likely face adversity  you must find it in you to persevere  This is why people are lethargic; lazy. It’s not simple enough; they give up.

The successful people look down with quiet distain for those who don’t do.

Stop talking. Start doing.

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