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The Depreciation of Content

The main issue with producing (that is to say: writing, drawing, recording, etc.) content for this realm is that it depreciates in value very quickly. I’m not talking about a monetary value for which most are worthless/priceless; the exception being most video producers and some visual and traditional artists that take commissions.

It seems like those who like ‘regular,’ dick-into-vagina or -ass, porn aren’t particularly picky about it; it seems to just kind of be about the motions. I don’t quite understand it myself but there’s no denying ‘normal’ people’s attraction to it.

For fetish content, because it’s a whole package; the dialog (insults), the sounds, the prospective smells, the reaction of the victim, or willing participant, I guess, who you assume the position of. In my case, the victim, acting as if I’m dying under her; yelling how wrong this is for her to do but she pays little mind (I know she can’t hear me). All of these factors, come together and makes the, in this case, video, get dull very quickly.

You simply get tired of being that guy, pretending to breath in those farts, that sound exactly like that, with her saying the same thing. In some ways, it would be like that movie Groundhogs Day. What doesn’t make sense is why this isn’t true of vanilla porn but perhaps it’s merely the far vaster propensity of it all. Many more people are creating content or just simply filming (and sharing) themselves having vanilla sex.

It seems like porn would be greatly hurt by piracy but perhaps even they are beaten out by people who just ‘give it away.’ I don’t know anything about the porn business; ‘people’ say it’s lucrative. I’ve heard nothing else really.

Fart video producers seem very damaged by piracy and there’s far more content on lockdown then there is available free in comparison to vanilla porn. But don’t get me wrong, what fart content is available for free is also plentiful; the ratio is merely tilted in monetary’s favor.

I guess this can be no better than a rant; I realize this only after deciding I could not wrap this up with a point or goal. It’s really merely an observation of the differences; a comment on how quickly our content fades. But then, this is pornography, who expected to mean anything? And fetish pornography? It’s foolish to even dream.

Only now do I realize, yes, indeed, what I write looses it’s luster. For me, my stories are no longer exciting after their completion. Going back, perhaps even waiting years to open up and look at a story again; that might re-ignite the flame but it’s a dull burn that will die out quickly.

Some of my favorite stories, from some of my favorite writers, even they are no longer what they used to be to me. It saddens me, perhaps this problem is only mine; perhaps merely I am some horny, insatiable beast, always seeking more. I didn’t think so.

Perhaps repression of this from the public can do that.


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